The purpose of the project was to find a suitable style of architecture in the postwar space. With influence of Lebbeus Woods' projects the aim resulted in a chaotic structure that reflects instinctive and emotional human behavior. It denies any artificially set order, which would try to control people. Instead, it reflects illogical functioning of the world, traced the horrors of war to the visual appearance. And it does not deny that, although the maturity of our civilization in the field of science and technology squarely grows, people behave according to the same patterns, like a hundred, thousands years ago. 



People would rather have meaning in the void than a void of meaning.
People have a strong need to fill the void with the content of their own existence.
The world is not a logical place. The determinism does not exist. The actuality occurs on emotional basis, instinctively. Precise grid skeleton falls to the ground due to an explosion, same as the fragile civilization built on elite individuals disorts. It is easy to deny authority and recognitio. The collapse affects the structure on all the level. Individual breakdown has fatal consequences. It is not possible to desing on the basis of predefined usage program. Strictly driven architecture is unable to respond in a field dominated by uncertainties. Neither the ones that claim to be multi-functional, flexible, hybrid. It is right to challenge the rules based on the types of buildings, prospective design methods and their complete replacement with plastic forms.
Absurd is the fact that in the information age, where anything can be independently identify and verify from several sources, history still repeats itself. At the point when witnesses die, the new evil is reborn. According to the behavior and reactions of society consequences can be easily predicted the. These are the same symptoms and xenophobic reactions coming in cycles, several times already detected. The opinions of the society stagnate.
War is like a cleansing process. Restart. People vibrate between being and surrender. An opportunity appears to build completely from the beginning. New cities will be invested by corporations. Builders the make the same mistakes that were made by post-war Functionalists. No Man's Land will be colonized with order that can never succeed. Into these buildings refugees will return. The younger generation brought up in refugee camps without any synapse to the place and the. New buildings will deny the historical events. The cleaning process will be finished, and so ready to repeat.
The architecture reflects events. But war and suffering seemed to be forgotten. Unpleasant feelings are forced out and architecture is not impacted. Post-war trend follows the pre-war period. It is this skipping and displacing that causes forgetting. What is forgotten does not exist. The same as a city is proud on its period of prosperity, the same must be proud on its failures. Fighter does not hide his scars.
Scarred building returns to a dreamlike landscape. It is looking for aesthetics in destruction. It is shabby, dynamic, agitate. No two shapes are the same, but have the same aspect. They are the result of unpredictable effect of destructive forces released in chaos, crystallized into irrational, unmistakable, non-grid, individual spaces. It's not about to rebuild, but to recover. From the ruins again put together shape and maintain the continuity of history.



2016 | 3rd Czech finalist | INSPIRELLI AWARDS |  SCAR

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