2010 - 2011


We were supposed to design a place suitable for our own creative and relaxing activities. It should have been a simple building, containing space for the activity, space for sleeping, space for cooking and also sanitary facilities. Land adjustment and greenery were also included in the design.
Everyone drew one sloping site in shape of the sector of the circle island on a not specified lake. So everybody’s land had access to the water. I got the estate oriented southeast. Requirements Our object wasn’t allowed to be built in the distance less than 5m from the road and less than 2m from our neighbour. The building could have maximally two floors. The built-up area could not exceed 60 square meters. We could build in the water, but only up to 6m from the shore. Solar panels had to be installed on the appropriately oriented roof.
I had devised a calm place where the person isn’t disturbed by anything. A place where your ideas can be organized. Where you will have the distance from the problems and be able to rise above them. Sometimes it happens that a man in a civilized world, in the everyday stereotype loses himself. It can be because of common daily problems - money, children, partner. Sometimes problems of stronger character should come. You will not be sure what the sense of being is. You will have doubt about your life which is not what you always wanted it to be. You'll seem to be trivial, useless, lost. You will panic from feeling to be getting older and older and having no time left. You will have nothing to believe in, and you will ask yourself why are you here and what are you doing here. And such a sick soul can’t be definitely recovered in everyday hustle. It needs a change. It needs to depart somewhere. Some place where you are not be disturbed by anyone and anything. Some place where time stands still and you do not miss anything. Somewhere where you are separated from the world, isolated. Some place where you do not deal with daily problems. Where you don’t have to concern what time you have to get up next day and what all you have to do under your diary. Where peace and privacy are to settle the heart. to stand firmly again on feet, to reconcile and recuperate. I designed the house on the water, the house hidden behind the tree, separated from the mainland and the whole surrounding world.
I cut out the shore and created a cove. The house is situated in this cove. Then I planted a big oak tree into the middle of the garden. True, an oak tree has grown up for 600 years, so let pretend it had already been there. Then I’ve made the access path in the axis of the estate. So when you come to the garden, you see only the oak, because the house is hidden behind it, down in the water. In front of the tree, the staircase turns left and descends to the water-level. There is no bridge to connect house and land. There are only free standing steps. When you stand on them, you are literally separated from surroundings and at this place you should left all you troubles behind. On the north facade there are only small windows reminding castle loopholes and the cove looks like a moat. There is big terraced situated on the south and big windows are facing the south too.
You enter the porch throw the glass door. Porch is connected to the corridor leading to the main open space – living room and beyond that there is a kitchen. The technical room and bathroom are also accessible from the corridor. In the living room there is a staircase leading to upper floor, where is a bedroom. You can watch the sunrise and the sunset from the balcony.
The most difficult was to reasonably use 60 square meters and then create the model of the sloping cut out of the site. I’ve chosen the way of a triangular grid, which was laborious.
I was presenting my project. I designed a calm place. I used greenery and land adaptation to achieve the isolation. I hope it works. And I thing in our design studio, there were many interesting project and their collective presentation impressed everyone, who entered.