B.A.T | Baroque Anachronistic Transformation



Before a star collapses into itself, there the spectacular Supernova exposure. Before every perishing, there is one last lighting. Exuberant period. Just right before the collapse, there is the greatest shine. A shine that does not really reflect the initial purposes, but just wants to be astonishing. A shallow kitsch. An attractor for the eyes. A senses captivator. But not the value carrier. A CARICATURE of itself. 


Renaissance graduated into Mannerism, Baroque was followed by Roccoco just to be replaced by pure Classicism...


A periodical story. A charmed loop where things after reaching magnificence, and then deny themselves. Demolish themselves to be restarted with the elementary puritan modest scheme. Just to bloom into vacant contradiction again. 

Complex banality is an experimental project. It targets the human visual sense. The aesthetics are based on an iteration process. An algorithm is applied to the elemental surface. The appearance seemingly reminds historical ornaments (Baroque) but with a close look, no reproduction is found. Complex banality comes from the virtual world. It does not imitate natural shapes as historical styles do. B.A.T brings Baroque back to 21st-century trends. Somewhere, where it do not belong...or doesn't it?
Geometry was 3D printed, glued together and connections were repaired with a modeling putty. Then spray-painted. The result is 1.5m x 0.75m wall relief.